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At Ways Of The Wild Institute, you as the students have four pathways before you. One goes to the south and aligns with the physical and practical skills of Wilderness Living. Another path leads to the North and deeper aspects of healing. Between the two directions of North and South lie East and West which align with course that deal with philosophy and spirituality.

Along with the traditional 4 directions we also align all areas of study with the 4 traditional elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These are described in great detail during each and every course or workshop taken so that students have a full grasp of the true and vast connections of direction, element and topic of study.

 The 4 sacred direction’s upon the Medicine Wheel of life hold all aspects of study that students of the Ways Of The Wild Institute can embark upon. By clicking on the directions below you can view the courses directly aligned with that particular direction.

Course will be pre-scheduled throughout the year and vary from year to year. If you see a Course you are interested in taking and have a group who also wishes to take that course, but it is not being offered, please contact White Wolf directly at to discuss scheduling.

There are custom group courses available. These custom courses run 3 days (Friday-Sunday) They do have a minimum number of participants required. 10 minimum and a maximum of 20 students. We base our custom courses to your specific requirements. We will customize our existing course layout to meet the needs of your group.

Please email your questions and requests to so that White Wolf’s schedule can be looked over and custom pricing can be figured out for your event.

Payment plans are available for those who need assistance. Email firewolfways@gmail to inquire.

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