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Please be aware that we are completely revamping our course and event offerings here at the winding down of autumn 2013 so you will see many changes between now and January 2014.  Thank you for your patience.

All of our outdoor courses and events are geared to the energy and condition of the group.  Of course we do have courses and events that are normally more strenuous, like the Winter Survival, Mountain Hikes and so on.  Courses and Events such as those can only be toned down so much.  However, the majority of our classes and events are geared specifically to each group that comes out.  Please keep this in mind.  If a group comes out who is lower on overall energy, then the class layout shifts to accommodate.  If a group is high energy and ready to go, the class again shifts to accommodate.  This is all part of our safety protocol and the greater benefit of everyone involved.

We at Ways Of The Wild Institute do not promote, advocate or utilize illegal drug usage of any kind. All Ways Of The Wild Institute’s functions are DRUG FREE and any illegal drug use is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Student Testimonial:

When I was with White Wolf  training in the mountains every day, nothing ever felt more right in my life. I never felt so sure about my life than that point in time. Everything else seems like a dead end road to me. I feel like when I was with you I found my true calling in life.

B.J.- New Zealand

coal burned containers

coal burned containers

We have so much information we cover, teach and offer to the public that many people tend to get flustered or overwhelmed trying to figure out where to begin. This is understandable because for some they do not exactly know what they are looking for and others want it all NOW. This is why I have devised the following recommendation lists to help you all in deciding where to begin or continue from where you have begun.

Those seeking help healing from individual and global conditioning, ritual abuse, cult involvement and other traumas:

Those seeking specifics on healing the body and mind:

Those seeking to explore spirituality:


To see a variety of physical classes we rotate through:

For spirituality please visit our Sacred Direction West for classes

For healing please visit our Sacred Direction North for classes

For philosophy please visit our Sacred Direction East for classes

For physical wilderness skills please visit our Sacred Direction South for classes

There are also many other learning dvds and products on our store page to choose from as well.

This is my personal recommendation for those seeking potential learning pathways through Ways Of The Wild Institute.  The above listed dvd’s and podcasts contain top quality, highly detailed techniques and information that you can take into any facet of your life.  For those seeking more personal training in small class situations, then I recommend choosing a directional energy from the 4 sacred directions to begin and cross-check our schedule to see what is planned for when.

If you need further assistance in choosing, feel free to contact me, White Wolf, at


The most amazing thing I find with all of the classes I’ve taken with White Wolf is that you don’t just learn one thing. In every class he teaches a wide variety of practical information that goes far beyond the topic of the class. His knowledge is vast and he truly is a master wolf.

V.I.- New Hampshire