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New Eagle Flower Radio Show

Greetings to Everyone! Last night was a wonderful radio show on the Wolf Spirit Radio Eagle Flower show. Led by none other than the Wolf's Den contributor, Eagle Flower, she and I both took turns interviewing two more great contributors to the Den! Rupert- Blood Ritual Monarch and Julia both joined us on the two hour show for some wonderful discussions. So why not have a listen and get to know two more members of our Wolf's Den... Thank you to all :-) […]

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By: | Dec 11th, 2013 | Self Empowerment, Video, Ways of The Wild, Wolf's Den

Great Eagle Flower Show!

Hello Everyone! Yesterday I was on the Wolf Spirit Radio Eagle Flower Show with Diane Tishmack and one of the Wolf's Den contributors, Sami Vartiainen. It was a fabulous two hour show and I hope you were able to listen in, but if you were busy, below is the recording. Many thanks to Wolf Spirit Radio, Diane Tishmack and Sami Vartiainen for helping to make this show a success! Wolf Transformation: […]

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By: | Nov 20th, 2013 | Blog, Video

Brattleboro Radio Show

Yes that's right, another radio show for you all to listen to. This one was actually a live show back on July 2, 2013, but I just got around to creating the youtube file and posting it for you. This was a local Vermont station in Brattleboro...wayyyy down south ;-)  107.7 FM. So here you go- enjoy the show:   […]

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By: | Sep 20th, 2013 | Video, Ways of The Wild, Wolf's Den

The Old Camp

Hi Everyone, This is a video I shot today as I wandered back by the Old Camp, the original Ways Of The Wild Institute basecamp in the mountains of Vermont. I decided to bring you along :-) As I wander through and around the Old Camp I show you the lay of the land and a very special place that I will not forget. Interestingly enough, today after 6 years of being away I felt the place remember me. It was as if I never really left. The energy was perfect […]

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By: | Aug 1st, 2013 | Video, Ways of The Wild, Wolf's Den

Wild Table


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By: | Jul 31st, 2013 | Video, Ways of The Wild, Wild Earth, Wolf's Den


Hello Everyone, Still quite busy with the apprenticeship program. Yesterday was the halfway mark for this three week block. All is going well. Just a reminder about Ways Of The Wild Institute's newest dvd set. Here is a short introduction teeser for you :-) Sexual Energy- the practical truth dvd set […]

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By: | Jul 18th, 2013 | Self Empowerment, Video, Wolf's Den

Totem Bear

Hello and Happy Monday to Everyone, This is an introduction video to my new Totems Podcast Series for those interested. This is a great compliment series to anyone who has listened to my Totems Cd Set. [youtube id="gbKxM3GBuJg" center="true"] […]

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By: | Jun 17th, 2013 | Self Empowerment, Video, Wolf's Den

Freedom of Speech

Well said Rowan!   […]

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By: | Oct 26th, 2012 | In the Raw, Video, Wolf's Den