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Ways of the Wild Institute – About Us

With its birth in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ways of the Wild Institute encompasses the knowledge and wisdom found at the core essence of life itself and that which is continually passed along through the ages so that all may benefit.  Our focus is on Natural Wilderness Living, Healing and Spirituality. It is a universal compilation of many aboriginal cultures just as the circle of life is a whole; the base energy holds roots that span the world.

We do not claim to teach Native Traditions or culture in any way, shape or form. Only true Native Americans that hold the traditional teachings of their people are qualified to pass on their culture.

We teach natural ways of living with the earth and Medicine Ways of self evolution. This is truly a Vermont Wilderness, awareness, spirituality and self healing school.

This is the first wilderness survival and wilderness living school that includes in-depth studies about the reality of global conditioning as well as the truths behind many global agendas and how to heal from these traumas in natural ways.  Ways Of The Wild Institute is the forerunner of this topic/study combination and we have been presenting this since 2007!

The main focus and idea of this organization is to help those along their path who are interested in exploring the ways of the wild, of the earth and self, and deeper yet- the healing path of self evolution.  It is to help bring wilderness awareness and awareness of self along with its specific details and universal sight back into the modern world of humans.  The idea is to bring to light once again the Earth Path Ways in hopes that those who seek this path will lead a fuller and richer life which may benefit the individual and the natural, wild world we all call home.

Our main student focus is upon  small  group classes.  (20 students max per class) If you are looking for a huge class oriented wilderness survival school, this may not be the place for you.  Our goal is to keep classes small so that every student has a direct hands-on opportunity with the head instructor.  Most of our classes are under 15 students.  This can vary depending upon the time of year and specific class.

I must state what I mean when I say “The Wild or Earth Path Ways”.

I like to think of the wild as an energy that exists at the root of all things.  It is the roots of life and that includes the non-developed areas of the Earth Mother.  However, when I speak of the “wild” I am not just referring to the non-developed areas of earth, but also the roots within us all.  The pure “wildness” is what drives each and every one of us.  As times change and new things come to be so must words and terminology also change.  There was never a “modern world” or a city before…but now that there is the term “wild” came to be to define what is pure energy, untamed and what is conditioned energy, domesticated.  This is really the core ideology of this institute.  Physical skills are but a small part of what is taught here.  Teaching people to find the wildness and purity within and utilize it is the main goal.


There are a wide variety of classes and events offered throughout the 4 seasons.  Many of the offerings take place in the outdoors of the Green Mountains and deals specifically with hands on experience.  Others are indoor workshop/seminars.  They are guided by White Wolf Von Atzingen, founder of the Institute.  Each offering has its own energy and targets its own specific layer of being, but they are all based on respect, caring, truth and light-heartedness that best nurtures learning in all creatures.

The Institute is laid out as a Medicine Wheel upon a Mountain.  It includes the 4 Sacred Directions of North, East, South and West.  Each of these Sacred Directions contains courses that specifically align with its energy.


This institute works with the deeper areas of life through the wilderness.  If you can understand the deeper aspects of the wilderness skills and deep philosophies behind it all, then you will be able to learn the surface skills so much easier and be able to utilize them in actual situations with complete knowledge.  Here you will learn about the wilderness and simpler way of life through the deepest aspects of yourself.  At Ways Of The Wild Institute we do not see wilderness skills as separate forms of knowledge.  We see the wilderness skills as a medium between self and wilderness.  The primitive skills are nothing more than an expression of self into the wilderness and truth.  At Ways Of The Wild Institute students will find that primitive skills are the working grounds between their true inner self and the universal ways of the wilderness.

With that said, our true specialties at Ways Of The Wild Institute are helping people find their own way back to the inner wildness that resides at the core level of each being.


Many wilderness schools teach the survival skills and primitive skills.  This is not our main focus here.  We teach the ancient techniques of how to regain your personal self and pure connection to the wilderness, self and all unique places in life.  We teach the Medicine Ways which assist the individual to gain a vast and complete wisdom of themselves as well as embrace their true power and evolution. Through these techniques you will gain what simple survival skills will not give you.  We assist the student in opening their ability to QUESTION, thereby broadening their imagination which allows them to learn much more deeply.

Survival skills and primitive skills will keep you alive but they will not give you the power of your own mind and spirit.  The lack of this connection to the self is what eventually takes the life of many, or drives them back to societies who have taken to the wilderness for long periods of time.  The course directions of North, West and East bring these ways and their deepest energies to focus.  And we do a great deal of this in a wilderness setting which aligns with our Southern course direction.

If you do not have complete control of your mind and spirit, no physical skill will save you or allow you to reach inner peace and comfort when in the wilds of life or in society.  The greatest skills you can ever master are those within the mind itself.  This is the Medicine Way.

We at Ways Of The Wild Institute do not promote, advocate or utilize illegal drug usage of any kind. All Ways Of The Wild Institute’s functions are DRUG FREE and any illegal drug use is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.


“When I came across Ways Of The Wild Institute on a Google search I held little hope. I’d been to many wilderness schools across America and most were about the same, shallow and incomplete. Those that weren’t had so much New Age confusion that I just couldn’t stand to be there. Ways Of The Wild Institute is truly an amazing place! The structure is defined; the classes are small and amazingly comprehensive. The school doesn’t hold that commercial air about it like so many others. Its genuine and White Wolf Von Atzingen, the owner and teacher is among the best I’ve encountered! His ways are open, honest, light-hearted, sincere and of the highest quality. He’s an amazing teacher and I’m so happy I found him and his school in Vermont!”

F.J.- Entrepreneur