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Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Living, Spirituality, Healing and Awareness all here at Ways of the Wild Institute.

Please be advised, the website is in a “freeze” mode until Saturday, April 19th while work is being done on it. New articles that were pre-written and saved in draft format before the freeze began in the Wolf’s Den will be published starting on Sunday.

Nonetheless we have our new schedule posted through October of this year, 2014.

With its birth in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ways of the Wild Institute encompasses the knowledge and wisdom found at the core essence of life itself and that which is continually passed along through the ages so that all may benefit. Our focus is on Natural Wilderness Living, Healing and Spirituality. We are far more than just a wilderness survival school in Vermont!

Our Institute has 3 main areas of focus:

1- Awareness

  • Of self
  • Of surroundings in life (physical and non-physical)- wilderness
  • Of connections to everything/spirituality
  • Of illusions and reality
  • Of intent
  • native “scout” ways

2- Wilderness Studies

  • Wilderness Survival skills/bushcraft on all levels, including defense
  • Wilderness Living skills with balanced intent & spirituality
  • Exploration and understanding of the true “wilderness”

3- Healing

  • Of self
  • Of family
  • Of community
  • Of earth

These three main areas of focus are taught within the construct of the 4 directions and 4 elements described in detail on our Course page.

This is not your typical wilderness skills school or wilderness survival school. Ways of the Wild Institute is the only current wilderness institute that combines wilderness skills with awareness of and healing from select conditioning from global manipulation systems through deep and universal spirituality.

  • To see more about us and what we are all about and how we run, please see the “About Us” page.
  • Want suggestions as to where to begin? See our suggestions here.
  • Looking for quality free information? Check out our Blog, running since 2008 it contains a wide array of highly informative information!

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